Brush Mowing in Rochester MN

Brush Mowing, Field Mowing, in Southeast MN

We offer specialized equipment and expertise to effectively clear overgrown areas, remove dense vegetation, and manage unwanted plant growth. These services are particularly useful for landowners, property managers, municipalities, and other entities that need to clear areas while preserving specific elements of the landscape. Here’s what you can typically expect from our brush mowing services:

  1. Equipment: At Rochester Ground we use specialized equipment like brush batwing mowers, walk behind brush mowers and handheld saws. These machines are designed to cut down and mulch dense vegetation, including weeds, tall grasses, and small saplings.

  2. Professional Expertise: Experienced operators who are trained in using the equipment effectively and safely will carry out the brush mowing. They understand how to operate the machinery, select the appropriate cutting techniques, and ensure that the process is done in a way that aligns with your goals.

  3. Selective Clearing: One of the main benefits of brush mowing services is their ability to selectively clear areas. The operators can target specific vegetation while leaving larger trees, valuable plants, and the topsoil intact.

  4. Efficient Clearing: Brush mowing can quickly clear large areas of overgrowth, making it an efficient method for land management.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: As mentioned earlier, brush mowing has a lower environmental impact compared to other clearing methods. It minimizes soil disturbance, reduces the risk of erosion, and preserves the existing ecosystem to a greater extent.

  6. Mulching and Ground Cover: The cut vegetation is left on the ground as mulch, which can have several benefits, including moisture retention, weed suppression, and nutrient cycling. The mulch created from the process can help improve soil health.


Proudly Serving Rochester, MN Since 2011

We have built a reputation for providing honest, high-quality and cost-effective lawn and landscape maintenance solutions in Rochester, MN. Our experienced team is committed in helping you with your outdoor needs and will create and/or manage the lawn you desire.

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You can count on a professional, uniformed, and prepared team to transform your property.


We stand behind the work we do. If we make a mistake, we'll come back and fix it for free!


Our staff is always happy to help! If you have questions or concerns - we'll provide the answers.

Testimonial 1
My lawn was kept in great care. Fair price and very effecient. When I had questions they were quickly answered and addressed.

Jeanie Briggs

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 2
Darend and his team at Rochester Ground are very professional. They have gone above and beyond time and time again to provide great service and to make sure our facilities look great!! Recently they worked the weekend at our Stewartville facility to get it ready for opening day on short notice. Great Business Partner!!

Mark Hettinger

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 3
Rochester Ground Services is a Five Star Company! They have done our weed control for our 4 acre yard for years now and we can't be more happy. Professional & reliable company and reasonable prices.We have also had cement work done to our Shop/Shed with no complaints. We can't be more happy with their services. We will be giving them a call in the Spring.

Sharlyn Braun

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 4
I love these guys. I've only used them this year, but I have 3 acres of lawn and the price was great, they were timely, and the lawn looks better than it has in years.

I highly recommend them.

Greg Hintermeister

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 5
I've had these guys level out a area and bringin fill for an RV parking pad. These guys did excellent work!! Mr. Yetter not only leveled the area, he layered a vegetation barrier, Large rock, and finished it with gravel. He then leveled it again. I am so happy knowing I should never again get my RV stuck in mud.

They also made a level area on my property for a new shed that I plan to build. On my property, A level spot is a rare. Now I have over 1500 sqft of level space. :)

Fred Holeman

Rochester, MN

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