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Discover the top-rated lawn care company in Rochester, MN for professional and reliable services.

Our mission is simple: to create satisfied customers and provide high quality lawn care by having integrity and professionalism. Our Promise is to provide you superior customer service with a level of lawn care service unmatched. From your first service to your tenth anniversary as our customer, you’ll never question how much we truly care about you. Let our professional weekly lawn mowing service simplify your life this summer.

Weekly Lawn Care -Service includes professional lawn mowing, blade edging, trimming, and blowing off all hard paved surfaces. Our team follows a predictable and efficiently routed schedule, so you’ll always know when to expect us – and your gorgeous, fresh cut lawn will let you know when service is complete.

Bi-Weekly Lawn Care – Service includes lawn mowing the entire yard and line trimming (weed-eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, etc. We edge all sidewalks and driveways with a blade edger and blow off all trimmings. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly lawn care for you to choose from, depending on how often you need your lawn taken care of. However, we recommend our weekly service if you water your lawn, use a fertilization program or wish to thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Does your lawn need some extra care and rejuvenation? Our team can help restore and keep your lawn looking healthy, lush and green.

  • Dethatching– Thatch can keep water and air from reaching the soil and if left untreated, can create an environment that harbors pests and diseases. Dethatching removes those layers of dead grass, roots and debris matted between the soil and the growing grass, keeping the grass greener and healthier.
  • Aeration – Removes small cores of soil from your lawn to reduce soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass.
  • Overseeding – Plant grass seed into existing turf – without tearing up the soil.
  • Spring and Fall Cleanups – Can include cleaning leaves and debris from your lawn or landscape beds, reducing perennials,  anything else needed to prepare your property for the upcoming season.
  • Lawn Repair – We can fix bare or problem spots in your lawn
  • Lawn Edging – Let us maintain a crisp lawn edge on your driveway and sidewalks. This gives your property a professionally maintained appearance that sets it apart from the rest.
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming – We will trim and prune overgrowth to improve the health and appearance of your landscaping.
  • Landscape Bed Weeding – Let us keep your landscape free of those pesky weeds.

The team at Rochester Ground Lawn & Snow Services will gladly provide a free estimate the same day you call. We are a professional lawn & landscape company focused on outdoor maintenance for your home or business.

Residential Properties

We use the same quality equipment on your lawn that we also use on our commercial properties. Our employees are friendly and experienced and will respect your property while taking great care of your lawn. Our lawn mowing pros do great work, we guarantee it. How we benefit you? - No Contracts Ever - Convenient Billing - Great Pricing - Guarantee

Commercial Properties

Provide your property with the right lawn care. Maintain it well and watch your image soar! The right lawn can help you attract and retain customers or tenants! Rochester Ground will protect your investment. We only use quality commercial lawn care equipment. Tenants and prospects will see the difference we provide.

Additional Lawn Services


This allows moisture, nutrients, and oxygen back to the roots.


We use power and manual dethatchers to gently remove the thatch.

Power Edging

Create a crisp clean edge to your sidewalk/driveway.


Overseeding is important for healthy, lush lawns and can fill in bare spots.

Leaf Removal

We will remove fallen leaves from your yard and landscaping.

Spring/Fall Clean Up

Leaves, branches, acorns, and more will all be cleaned up.


Proudly Serving Rochester, MN Since 2011

We have built a reputation for providing honest, high-quality and cost-effective lawn and landscape maintenance solutions in Rochester, MN. Our experienced team is committed in helping you with your lawn landscape & outdoor needs and will create and/or manage the lawn you desire.

Why Choose Us


You can count on a professional, uniformed, and prepared team to transform your property.


We stand behind the work we do. If we make a mistake, we'll come back and fix it for free!


Our staff is always happy to help! If you have questions or concerns - we'll provide the answers.

Testimonial 1
My lawn was kept in great care. Fair price and very effecient. When I had questions they were quickly answered and addressed.

Jeanie Briggs

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 2
Darend and his team at Rochester Ground are very professional. They have gone above and beyond time and time again to provide great service and to make sure our facilities look great!! Recently they worked the weekend at our Stewartville facility to get it ready for opening day on short notice. Great Business Partner!!

Mark Hettinger

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 3
Rochester Ground Services is a Five Star Company! They have done our weed control for our 4 acre yard for years now and we can't be more happy. Professional & reliable company and reasonable prices.We have also had cement work done to our Shop/Shed with no complaints. We can't be more happy with their services. We will be giving them a call in the Spring.

Sharlyn Braun

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 4
I love these guys. I've only used them this year, but I have 3 acres of lawn and the price was great, they were timely, and the lawn looks better than it has in years.

I highly recommend them.

Greg Hintermeister

Rochester, MN

Testimonial 5
I've had these guys level out a area and bringin fill for an RV parking pad. These guys did excellent work!! Mr. Yetter not only leveled the area, he layered a vegetation barrier, Large rock, and finished it with gravel. He then leveled it again. I am so happy knowing I should never again get my RV stuck in mud.

They also made a level area on my property for a new shed that I plan to build. On my property, A level spot is a rare. Now I have over 1500 sqft of level space. 🙂

Fred Holeman

Rochester, MN

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